Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Courtney Robertston of ABC's "The Bachelor"

Courtney Robertson of ABC's The Bachelor.... I know you think I am going to rant about how nasty Courtney is on this season of The Bachelor, but quite the opposite.

I admit, I'm a new disciple of The Bachelor and all things Bachelor, including The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and any other spin-off they come up with.  I started watching when my best friends let me in on the "out of the limo" wagering, top five game.  That was half way through Jake's season, so I wasn't able to bet officially, but my money was on Vienna.  I know, again, now you think I just root for the underdog or the "bitch" in the house.  Nope! Wrong again.

I simply can't stand hypocrisy and I can honestly say I have never seen a season with bitchier women than this season.  Great casting I suppose as I was anticipating this season being as exciting as watching a puddle evaporate, but in actuality there has been some real crazies and a lovely ton of biting comments and eye rolling.  Excellent!!

I am writing to rant about the hypocrites on the Bachelor Reunion show that aired last night.  It was unbelievable to me that not even five minutes after the show played video of literally 99% of these women saying "mean, hurtful" things about Chantal, then literally acted like they were a firing squad and were handing poor Courtney a cigarette and a blindfold.  I have never seen such holier-than-tho speeches and head nodding, eye rolling and hypocritical diatribes.  What did Courtney really do after all, other than play the game they each signed on for?  How many times did they accuse Courtney of doing the exact same thing they all ultimately wanted to do, WIN.  "She's in it to win it."  So they are asking America to believe they were all, every one of them, in it to lose it?  Hmmm.

Courtney with as much dignity and media training as she had in her, apologized profusely, owned up to this supposed "bad behavior" (which was edited to be so) and never once said "look, I was playing the game and groping for camera time" (which worked like a charm).  Frankly, in every single season I've ever seen of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, everyone is always saying awful, snarky things about the others in the house, they just usually don't say it to one another's face.  Really, the only difference between those A-holes and Courtney is that Courtney made her "winning" and "I have a rose" comments to their faces! Remember how Michelle Money was edited to be "the Bitch" but surprisingly everyone loved her? That's because her comments were only to camera and producers!

I knew Courtney personally and I've said it a million times.....Courtney Robertson is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I still have the Betsy Johnson dress she gave me because I told her it was pretty!  If she was playing a role, she did it brilliantly.  This season's Bachelor would have been a miserable bore without her and if she was "in it to win it", then congrats on that.  Mission accomplished.

As for the rest of the, heartbroken and therefore excused for being such trolls, girls (Casey S and Brittany exclused).....LOSING!

~ Kate