Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ladies' Room

Why does the ladies' room at restaurants, work, GAWD! the beach, etc always resemble something out of a scene in Saw?  When I say "ladies" I use the term loosely.  These public restrooms are anything but restful! Monday at 9:30 in the morning I happened upon something so unholy, I may need therapy to get over it!!

What goes on?!! Why do so many women suffer such an adversity to flushing?  Why the spraying of pee all over the seat and floor?!  I don't mean to be garish, but what's with the pubic hair??? I meeeeean....does anyone really even have pubic hair in this day and age??  I'm quite some certainty I can assume that the vast majority of urban women weren't raised by wolves. :(

Granted, I'm a double-seat-cover-squatter and I take the necessary precautions such as flushing with my foot and waiting for someone to come in rather than touch the door handle, but seriously, I know how to clean up after myself or don't leave Armageddon behind me when I leave in the first place!!

"Ladies"? Hmm.  I beg to differ.  It's like people who don't bother to pick up after their dogs, as if they are the only people that will ever walk down that particular street, ever, and they can just leave it completely defiled as long as they are done there.  Come on!!

Clean it up, pleeeease!!

~ Kate

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dancers and Backup Singers

It is a complete paradox that dancers and backup singers don't get the glory they are sooooo deserving of, EVER.  I was watching a major recording artists live show and was watching the dancers.  I thought to myself, I might be the only person, with the exception of these dancers' friends and family, that even notices these amazing people!  

Dancers on a music video, for instance, (a very coveted gig) have the longest rehearsal hours (sometimes with the exception of the artist, but not always), the lowest rate, the hardest job and get less recognition than the grips!  Think about the blood, sweat and tears that the dancers are pouring out!  They are trained, professional and exceptional talents.  Most have been working on their craft their entire lives.  One of the biggest gigs you can get, especially in Hollywood, is principal dancer.  This means you are featured along side the artist or are cut to if the artist does not dance.  You are usually paired with a mirror or a second principal flanking the artist on the other side.  This is HUGE.  You may even tour! A bigger gig!!!  Now, name one dancer besides Kevin Federline or Chris Judd.  Can't do it?  Crazy right?  I know personally dancers who traded in the coveted principal dancer position for the "hot girl in video" and have had many offers and recognition and turned up on TV shows, feature films etc. because of it.  Glaring case in point (the Aerosmith girl....Alicia Silverstone)

Backup singers otherwise known as my dream job :) are equally as talented and totally under appreciated and unnoticed.  They are usually carrying the artist and more than half the time are stronger vocalists.  I was recently watching one of my all-time favorite performers (I lovingly say performer because a vocalist she is not) J-Lo and she was literally only bearable because of her backups.  I mean, they evened her out as best they could, but....I found myself with an intense desire to see one of them jump up, tackle Ms. Lopez to the ground, rip the mic from her hand and just take over, like "stop embarrassing yourself!  You're gonna mess up this gig for all of us!".  But alas.....

I know there have tried to be some referendum to alleviate the skewed and totally unfair world of the backup dancer/singer such as the afore mentioned Jennifer Lopez who EP'd a show all about dancers and their struggles.  It didn't stay on the air more than eight episodes.  I think, sadly, people just want their backup dancers/singers where they have historically belonged, in the background :(

Keep on getting your paper and keep on climbin! I promise to be watching.

~ Kate

Friday, April 16, 2010

BRAVO Is Seeking Designers!! The Fashion Show 2 w/Isaac Mizrahi

May 1st, 2010
1446 E. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90021
BRAVO'S THE FASHION SHOW OPEN CALL! 10am - 5pm Bravo and the production company Left/Right, Inc. are conducting a nationwide search for a select group of fashion designers who will compete head to head in the ultimate fashion competition series. Hosted by Isaac Mizrahi, The Fashion Show will give designers a once in a lifetime opportunity to have their work seen by icons of the fashion industry…and viewers around the world! In order to apply for the show, you must be 21 years of age or older. You can be a fashion school grad or you can be self-taught; you can specialize in haute couture or street wear. What matters most is that you have a creative vision for your designs and the technical skills (sewing, sketching, etc.) to back up that vision. The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize!! Attending a casting call is the best way to be considered for the show! Applicants who attend these casting calls will be required to bring a portfolio of their work, three articles of clothing that they have created and which best showcase their designs, a current resume, one piece of government-issued photo ID, a non-returnable photo of themselves, and a completed application form. FOR MORE INFORMATION and TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION, go to You must bring your completed application and all other supporting materials to the casting call. This is Open to the public! Follow us on Twitter @dLtcasting Email us at The

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love crayons.  That doesn't sound like a rant.  The ranting comes in when I start coloring.  Doesn't matter if it's your standard Crayola, pencil thickness, or the big fat ones or the grease crayons (my personal fav), glitter crayons.....they even make fat finger crayons!!  I break them all!  What the heck!??  It's not like I press THAT hard.  Is it too much to ask that I have a whole box of in-tact crayons?  I think not.

Maybe it's something to do with physics.  Why don't I snap my number 2 pencil in half when I'm filling in something with those little circles or break my Bic?  Maybe it's because one is made of wood and the other of plastic, but is wax that far behind?  It's that weak? C'mon.  Doesn't matter though.  I always break em.

I don't know why, but I love all crayons equally regardless of color.  They all make my day.  Why don't restaurants offer crayons to adults?  Wait, some do.  I love restaurants with white paper over white linen table clothes with a little gar of crayons in the middle.  Who doesn't love to color on a giant piece of paper!?  I remember when I was in 1st grade they had these GIGANTIC rolls of paper in all different colors on a huge rack and it would take two or three kids to pull a piece off and then we got to color all over it.  LOVE!!!

Crayons even smell good.  I remember when we would melt them all down (I don't remember in what) and it came out in a round hockey puck shaped thing and when you colored with it it make all kinds of psychedelic colors! Cooooool.

I guess that's it.  I would just like them to invent a crayon that isn't a magic marker that won't break.  Why are crayons so much better than markers?  Hmmmm.

I think I like the silver crayon the best then the yellow/green one.

Happy coloring!!

~ Kate

Monday, April 12, 2010

Technology and The Fashion Show on BRAVO

I don't know how to tweet or Twitter or whatever and I'm almost as illiterate about Facebook.  I thought I would never be old enough to say that I didn't understand all this crazy technology!  Remember what we all were thinking when our mom couldn't figure out call waiting to save her life?!?

I do remember being about 8 or 9 and saying to my cousin Matt "That CD thingy you have is never going to catch on!"  "How are you going to make a mixed tape or tape songs off the radio!?!"  "No thanks, I'll stick to my cassette tapes, especially since now I have one of the new boxes that if you hit FF it skips right to the next song! Yeah!!"  Embarrassing.  Yep, I'm old.

Anyway, here is some info that would be great if you fashion bloggers would spread around.  

Thanks!! ~ Kate

OK, well, this is perfectly fitting, I can't figure out how to attach the info so here are some ways you can find out more about being on The Fashion Show:

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Remote War

I have avoided ranting about this subject because it seems to obligatory and a little obvious. BUT, I have literally come to a boiling point about the remote in my house. Granted, there are two TVs and a computer, but for some reason the only argument I EVER have with my boyfriend is about his use/misuse of the remote. We ALWAYS watch TV for whatever reason and we're always together (in the same room), so when I watch, sure, I watch some annoying, non man-friendly shows such as 16 And Pregnant, Oprah, etc, but nothing to the extent to which we watch Sports Center and the Food Network. NOT. A. FAN. I'm not saying that it's not fascinating to watch someone make an omelet out of tofu and cardboard or see if they can eat a burrito that weighs more than a newborn baby, but I kind of am saying that. I can only watch a football game (that we have just got finished watching the live version of for what seems like 7 to 8 hours) be dissected, replayed, commented on and basically micro analyzed to death OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again, so many times before I need to be committed on a 5150.

It's not even what he watches. I found that I was actually sucked in and became intrigued about the inner workings of a Cheetos factory (I'm a pretty big Cheetos fan, or anything with that fake powdered cheese,as I have previously mentioned), but then the millisecond I become interested he changes the channel!! Now I'm watching 3 angry, ex-athletes or sports reporters go at each other about Tiger Woods' infidelities or a PAC 10 basketball game score or a catch or a non-catch by some wide receiver in some random football game set to a totally annoying cell phone bing or ring or tone that has me jumping to my phone every five seconds. After a few minutes of this I'll actually become engrossed in this stupid banter and, yep, at that precise moment, guess what? He changes the channel. You think I'm kidding. I'm not even talking about someone who channel surfs during the commercials and then switches back, etc (almost as annoying), no, he will change the channel on some bizarre internal whim. On way more than one occasion he will change it right before a big reveal. We'll be watching something for ten minutes, become totally invested in who will be the winner or what you've been waiting for all season is.....BAM! channel change!! Unreal! I find myself starting to scream!! Are you crazy!? It's completely weird and irrelevant I realize, but in the moment it's maddening!

I have told myself over and over, "I am not going to make a problem out of something so silly, so trivial as watching television" or, in his case, watching like a skitzophrenic, but I can't help it. I just explode after the hundredth channel change. If he watches something I'm not interested in, fine, I'll read or write or clean or do something productive, but it's the A.D.D. TV that I can't take. In life in general, I try not to make TV even the slightest priority. I literally don't have any appointment TV shows that I won't miss.* I don't even care about anything on television. Once and a while I'd like catch a show I have booked or am going to be working on, but that's for business. Why is this such a problem!? Maybe I'm hormonal.

It's especially bad if I am trying to fall asleep and things are loudly being blown up, chopped up or some reality host saying "You won't believe what we're about to show you! Look at THIS!??" Who wouldn't want/HAVE to look?!

Maybe headphones and the internet will be the solution, hmmmm.

~ Kate

*That was a total lie. I will NOT miss the Tudors on Showtime starting April 11, 2010! Last season. I could die!!

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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have a severe affliction I like to call Candyoholism, or sometimes S.I.O. (sugar intake overload), and it's out of control!! Yes, the Milk Duds and Hot Tamales I am eating as we speak and the jelly beans were from today as well (and yeah, they're in my bed). It's not OK. The See's was yesterday and in one sitting! Help!

I just saw Dr. Oz on Larry King last night and he said some really horrifying things about sugar, especially my favorite kind, processed sugar. I love that he suggests a spoon full of honey for "your sweets fix", but not to "overdo it"... OVERDO IT?!? How does one "overdo it" on HONEY???!!!! Come on!!! Now I'm really panicked. If you can overdo it on honey, then what the heck is happening to my liver if I literally overdo it on every possible form of processed sugar quotidian!!!??

Tonight I tried to turn over a new leaf (and failed miserably) by eating everything in sight to avoid what I really wanted and that was candy. Then, I ate candy. DAMN!

If anyone has any sweet-tooth-junky kicking advice? Similar story to share? I've officially hit the candy crack equivalent, or so I've been told, because I like the crap candy, the cheap stuff. Smarties, Lemonheads, gummies, and Redvines....the gateway candies. Next it'll be Necco Wafers and Sixlets!!'s just so good once it hits your lips....

~ Kate

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apartment Living

Why do people LOVE to complain? Let's talk for a minute about people who complain about noise. In my apartment building we had a Homeowners Board President and her buddy the building Manager who were both literally insane. They were the worst people in general (this building's homeowners' assoc is presently in a lawsuit with them) and made up the most ridiculous rules that only insight the lonely, sad, complainers who live in this building. For instance, one of the rules regarding noise was that if you heard noise (not specified to be excessive or too loud, etc) to call the front desk and if the noise did not subside after FIVE MINUTES to call the police to respond to the noise complaint!!! Can you believe!?! Like that's good advise. I'm sure the cops have nothing better to do. Great so, if I'm ever getting murdered, the cops will not show up because they have already responded to 150 noise complaints in this building that are completely unwarranted.

To the complainers with absolutely nothing better to do, I say this....(especially pertaining to my building right off of Sunset Blvd in the heart of Hollywood and directly across the street from a popular hotel famous for rock stars and celebrities and its very popular bar) If you want quiet, move to the country! Get yourself a house!!! You live in a building!!! You share walls, hallways, elevators, etc!!! Stop complaining because you can hear someone wearing shoes in their own HOME!!! Stop calling the front desk every five seconds because my sister came to visit and her dog wasn't on a leash as she was getting into her car!!! GET A LIFE!!! Please?

The old Homeowners Assoc President actually lobbied the city to get the Whiskey Bar, a staple in A-List Hollywood history, shut down. She claimed it was because of noise (a noise I never once heard in over 5 years), but it was actually because she couldn't get in. Ugh.

People, please get a job, buy some friends and stop complaining at 2pm on a Tuesday that you can hear a dog barking. Leave the house once and a while and stop sweating the small stuff.

Thanks!! ~ Kate

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sex Addiction

Will someone give me a small break please!? Are we supposed to believe for even a nano-second that this is an actual affliction? A psychological disease?? I am not one to downplay the seriousness of mental health and psychological defect. There are very real, very serious and very scary REAL conditions. For that matter, Sex Addiction may actually be a real condition in SOME, but I find it awfully convenient that every single guy I know or hear of is suddenly in sex rehab when caught cheating.

Why isn't there a disease for "Over-Sleepers" or "Over-Eaters"?? Why are we all not checking into rehab when we are habitually late for work or after we've eaten too much See's Candy or gummy bears or an entire box of Cinnamon Life in one sitting?! There are, of course, very real conditions that could be to blame such as Narcolepsy or Bulimia or other eating disorders which can be debilitating, and sometimes, life threatening. I just don't hear people such as myself falling back on these awful diseases to excuse our own hedonistic behavior.

We all have urges, but we are NOT animals. I'm sorry. I am so sick of hearing that coming from men. They can't control themselves, it's their nature, they have testosterone, etc. Sure there have been studies and research proving that some human beings are more prone to cheat or have multiple partners. Men are shone to be more prone to craving different and multiple partners, but at the end of the day, we were all also given brains, emotions, consciences (I think). We all see that chocolate cake and want to rub it all over our faces or see that hot guy and want to jump on him on the subway, but then our BRAIN kicks in and we think of the CONSEQUENCES. We think of how we would feel if the shoe were on the other foot or how much we actually like our respective partners. How much we respect that person and think of how they would feel. We think of the fact that breaking a bakery window and eating an entire chocolate cake is illegal and also horrible for us. We don't rob banks because it would feel great to have all that money. We don't slap people on the street no matter how much they deserve it. We don't run people over with our cars no matter how tempting it can be when the are lallygagging across a sidewalk exercising their "pedestrian rights" when you are about to be T-boned on a busy street.

No more excuses! These men are not upstanding or courageous because they are facing the consequences of their actions or speaking/apologizing publicly, checking themselves into sex rehab. They simply got caught and are bailing themselves out on the path of least resistance and least money, women and sponsors lost. Sex addicts?! MY A _ _ !!

Think before you act. Even if your excuse is as simple as you get "too drunk" to even know what you are doing, don't get "too drunk". Just a thought.

To love, honor and cherish, forsaking all others, for better or worse, until death do you part.

~ Kate