Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Us Et Morma Loquendi

The following grammatical errors drive me absolutely nuts!!

1. I could care less = I couldn't care less.
2. Out of the blues = Out of the blue OR the clear blue sky.
3. I'm currently away from the phone right now = I'm currently away OR I'm away right now.
4. I was like and they were all, like like like like = I said and then she said.
5. Your welcome = You're welcome.
6. Its a wrap = It's a wrap.
7. Everything and the kitchen sink = Everything but the kitchen sink.
8. I want to win real bad = I want to win really badly.
9. I don't feel good = I don't feel well.
10. (I struggle personally with "affect" vs. "effect".)
11. Professionality is important = Professionalism is important.
12. That really fustrates me = That really frustrates me.
13. As per your request = Per your request.
14. Irregardless = Regardless (I have been told that both are technically correct, but the former seems redundant to me.)
15. I like there house = I like their house.
16. There is to much to tell you = There is too much to tell you.
17. Lets go golfing = Let's play golf.

* I am guilty of a few of these.

I don't mean to be a nudge, but this entire diatribe was spurred on by the unimaginable grammatical and spelling errors I encountered when editing several bios yesterday.  These documents were the adumbration/personification of the people they were written about, for the soul purpose of representing one's self through a short story to people who do not know them and to whom they are trying to impress!  In this age of spellcheck at our fingertips, there is virtually no excuse for simple errors like spelling.  I don't think I've ever been subjected to so many run-on sentences, erroneous sentence breaks, incomplete thoughts and nonsense in my life!!  Come on!  Have a stranger on the subway take a look at it if you don't have any other way to proof read.  Here's a novel idea!  Read it, just once or twice, YOURSELF!!

Happy writing. xo

~ Kate

*NOTE* I had this rant posted for two days before I realized that I spelled "soul", as in "soul purpose", like the bottom of a shoe!  Embarrassing.  Talk about eating your hat. ;)


  1. Yes, these are all so common. A few others that I see a lot are people confusing "their, there, and they're" and "too and to". For example, "I ate way to much." That one always gets me. Haha.