Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ladies' Room

Why does the ladies' room at restaurants, work, GAWD! the beach, etc always resemble something out of a scene in Saw?  When I say "ladies" I use the term loosely.  These public restrooms are anything but restful! Monday at 9:30 in the morning I happened upon something so unholy, I may need therapy to get over it!!

What goes on?!! Why do so many women suffer such an adversity to flushing?  Why the spraying of pee all over the seat and floor?!  I don't mean to be garish, but what's with the pubic hair??? I meeeeean....does anyone really even have pubic hair in this day and age??  I'm quite some certainty I can assume that the vast majority of urban women weren't raised by wolves. :(

Granted, I'm a double-seat-cover-squatter and I take the necessary precautions such as flushing with my foot and waiting for someone to come in rather than touch the door handle, but seriously, I know how to clean up after myself or don't leave Armageddon behind me when I leave in the first place!!

"Ladies"? Hmm.  I beg to differ.  It's like people who don't bother to pick up after their dogs, as if they are the only people that will ever walk down that particular street, ever, and they can just leave it completely defiled as long as they are done there.  Come on!!

Clean it up, pleeeease!!

~ Kate


  1. I often wonder the very same thing. The beach restrooms are by far the worst- there are usually huge puddles of urine, the locks don't ever work, there's never any soap in the dispensor and the lines are out the door on a hot day. So gross.

  2. I added a line about pyoobs! Too far??