Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chain Emails!!!!!

HATE THEM HATE THEM HATE THEM!!!! Do you have a friend that sends you an email (make that hundreds of emails) with the subject line: "fwd: 
fwd: fwd: fwd: fwd:...." then a thousand published email addresses, including your own!??!  Umm ever consider bcc:?  Anyway, more annoying that having my email address advertised to the free world is receiving an email that literally insists I annoy 50 of MY friends by sending this email and if I don't, my family will die or I will suffer a horrible fate, etc.  NIGHTMARE.  

I'll admit.  I am more superstitious than the average bear, but not superstitious enough to actually believe that by breaking the email chain "that has literally never been broken, don't break the chain and ruin it for the world" I will cause actual harm to myself or my loved ones, but it sort of puts it out there, you know?  It's maddening.  

I would love to hear from the sender who is usually a friend I haven't spoken to in a while, but when I excitedly open an email from said friend and realize it is actually some preachy bulls%$t or a "send this to 100 fabulous women that you know or I'll have 25 years of bad luck", it REALLY IRKS me!  I have asked to be taken off of these chains.  I have enough bad luck.  I certainly don't need the brain damage of decidedly and purposely eradicating such a chain and hence posssssssibly inviting bad luck into my already hectic world.  Thanks a million you selfish, childish, have way too much time on your hands friend of mine who should lose my email address.  

The next time you feel possessed to send me an email that says if I "read the whole thing, don't skip to the end! Send to 10 people! Don't cheat!! Don't break the chain! Make a wish and spin around four times, send your personal info and bank account, this REALLY works!" etc, pick up your phone and call me, write me an actual personal email that maybe says, oh I don't know "hi, how are you?" or write me a letter OR don't write me at all!  If my name only pops into your head when you hit the button marked "ALL" then I want to be "none".  Another productive use of your time would be to reply to your own email about writing to Microsoft who is giving away free money if you send them your bank's routing number and your social, along with your blood type and the deed to your home.  Then when you get all that free money, you can buy yourself a life!!!!  Don't break the chain!!!

xoxo ~ Kate


  1. What's sad is that my mum is moved by most of the fwd: emails that are sent around... not even the really sad or scary ones but loves to forward the really soppy life lesson ones with pictures of tulips and baby animals scattered throughout these pearls of wisdom like "laugh, dance, sing"....shame...

    Miss YOU!!! xxoxo

  2. LOL. I'm right there with you! I especially hate the religous ones that say if you believe in God you should pass this on. Grrrr. Yes, I believe, but I dont believe that if I dont pass it on I'm going to Hell.

    Anyway, how are you? It's been ages since I have seen you. By the way, this is Net's cousin if you dont recognize me :) Wouldnt want you to think I'm some psycho stalker!

  3. Haha! Yes!!! Very well said. I break the chain all the time, but I hate doing it!