Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Happened to the Virgin in White???

Gone is the day of the Vestal Virgin in white.  Why do today's brides want to look like sluts?  It is NOT Halloween, the every-woman's day to be "sexy kitten"!  It's your WEDDING DAY!!!  Has no one heard or does no one remember that it is inappropriate to have uncovered shoulders, or in this day and age, strapless, in church!?! (I know, I know...I'm even guilty of the cute strappy sundress or the strapless bridesmaid dress in which I felt like SJP) It was not so long ago that a woman would not set foot inside a church without having her head covered.  Let alone attend a Mass.  Let alone YOUR WEDDING MASS!!!

I see show after show, attend wedding after wedding and am always so surprised, rather shocked, when a bride is wearing a Grace Kelly-esque, demure gown and is covered up like a present waiting to be opened, as frankly, it should be.  It seems to me that no one has humility or obsequiousness anymore.  As old-fashioned as it may sound, it is not a day to be sexy.  Quite the opposite as a matter of fact.  It is a day when you are presented to your future husband as untouched, unscathed, vestal and pure.  Hence the white dress.  I know none of us love the idea of having our groom watch in hopeful anticipation only to see the "snow beast" lumbering towards him or have such a veil on that we end up flung over or hung up on the alter steps.  Just a modern day version of this perhaps.  I have more respect for the brides who opt for the blood red or neon green wedding dress and have the thing at a luau or underwater or while jumping out of an airplane.  

If you are going to get married in church, cover it up.  The sexy time comes later, so get some slutty lingerie.  Then, there's a payoff for your new husband that the entire guest list isn't privy to.

Best wishes beautiful BLUSHING brides!!

~ Kate


  1. I agree, I did NOT want to look sexy on my wedding day. That second to last picture you posted is just out of control. Who told her that was a good look??

  2. And you looked absolutely stunning!!! Very classic. Gorgeous. I KNOW about that pic, riiiiiight!? Crazy! Those boobs! P.S. I wore a strapless dress to read from the BIBLE at your wedding Mass! Aaaah! Hypocrite much? :)

  3. You are HILARIOUS! Absolutely loved it! xo