Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Curb Your Dog!

I am a dog fanatic.  LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs!  I don't love, however, picking up poo.  I mean, if that's your thing, fine, but I'd say I'm not alone in my adversity to touching feces even through a plastic bag. I do it anyway.  Of course!

I love hiking and running and even walking around my neighborhood, but everywhere I go, specifically Runyon Canyon AND MY OWN STREET, have become like strolling through a litter box.  It's horrific and can't be healthy.

I am perplexed by the people who stand idly by while their pet cops a squat, wait until they've finished, and then just march on like the mess left behind is not their problem.  Gross!! Seriously!  I have experienced the conundrum of being stranded without a poop bag or anything to scoop up the mess, but I don't just leave it there.  That's when I kick into MacGyver mode and find a giant leaf or go scrounging through a bag I may be carrying for some old paper.  I have even been known to leave the scene of the crime go for a bag and come back for it.  It's gotten so bad that I am actually compelled to pick up stranger poo.

People!, haven't you seen movies like The Road, The Book of Eli, even the short-lived Luke Wilson movie that was originally title 3001 by Mike Judge that gives us a glimpse of our world when people adopt the notion that taking care of the environment even on a small scale like picking up after their pets won't affect them.

The ocean is my favorite place on the planet and all of that waste goes right into it, so try and conjure up the notion of the pool scene in Caddyshack the next time Fluffy drops one and you feel like you'll leave it just this one time.  Eiwwwww!

 ~ Kate

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