Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer 2010??

Where the HECK is the Summer weather?? I say this amidst the last couple of days of over ninety degree weather, granted, but still.  It's basically been no warmer than room temperature since December.  Frankly, I recall a few 80 degree days at the beach in December that were better than what we've had this "Summer"!! Am I actually complaining about constant 69/70 degree days?  You bet I am.  Gone are the sweltering, asphalt-burning-your-feet, days when dying to get into the cold (and sometimes brown and smelly) So-Cal ocean water seems effortless and NECESSARY.  This is Los Angeles, not Seattle!!!  Why haven't I worn a single sun dress this Summer, trunked it more than one five-minute freeze session or even sat outside at night without my winter parka!??

NOT FAIR!!!, but my gripe isn't with Mother Nature.  I mean, the weather is sort of up to her not me.  Here comes the rant.....Residents of So-Cal, what are you thinking??  Why the complaining about the heat!?!  Seriously?? Come ON! We have had exactly two weekends, wait, make that, one weekend and 3 consecutive days (not a weekend) of over 70 degree, beach-worthy, weather in the past 4 or 5 months!!  We have a real Summer day once (and that doesn't always include at the beaches where it has been consistently windy, hence blown out or walled out for the past 9 months from the South Bay to Malibu) and people are actually bitching about the heat!  I can't believe it when I hear weather people on every network spewing the following garbage: "finally, some relief from the heat".  "A much needed cool down for your weekend."  Who wants a cool down for their weekend??  That's when we want to get in the water!

I love it here in California.  I always will.  I don't want to live anywhere else and honestly it can be whatever temperature it wants, but let's just love it no matter what it is.  Scratch that....LOVE it when it's hot and sunny like the post cards and not complain the rest of the time.  We could be scraping our windshields or plugging in our cars, eeeeeyikes!

Happy August.  Here's to a blazing hot Halloween ;)

~ Kate

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  1. Those people who are complaining about the heat probably live in the valley or Pomona or Fontana. Enough said.