Thursday, September 2, 2010

Orange and Yellow

I have a bit of a expostulation with the candy makers of the world.  I LOVE love love sour candy, gummy candy, fruity candy of any kind, for that matter, but what's with the prevalence of orange candy!?  Yellow too!  Is that anyone's favorite flavor?  Sometimes it's actually banana flavor! Yuk. Everyone knows, blue, green, red and sometimes purple are the flavors of choice so why is that that most candies with multiple flavors are predominantly made up of orange and yellow?!  It's amazing.  Is it just me??  Do I have the luck of the draw that that nine times out of ten I'll reach into my bag of sour patch kids and pull out 4 orange ones and a random yellow one?  I think these bags are rigged and heavily weighted with an abundance of these unpopular colors.

I feel like someone should come up with a solution to this unsavory complication.  I remember that I always loved to eat the Crunchberries out of my Captain Crunch and sort of just tolerated the hard yellow things that used to tear up the roof of my mouth.  Then, the most wonderful thing happened!!  They came out with a cereal called "Oops!".  It was the greatest cereal ever!  ALL CRUNCHBERRIES!!!  If I'm not mistaken, another example of this idea was executed in the late eighties with the Life Savers release of the all-cherry-Life Savers-roll.

Why work for your favorite flavors?  Aren't we over the hunter/gatherer fad?  Think of the how much less food waste there would be if we actually wanted to eat every flavor.

The only negative would be that you would actually have to share the "good flavors" with your boyfriend instead of giving him all the orange ones that you didn't want anyway ;)

I <3 candy!!

~ Kate

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