Sunday, January 2, 2011

Show "Business"

People get into show business, no matter what side of it, to have a non-desk job, flexibility and light-hearted good fun.  They want to work outside the grind.  Sadly the contrary is very much true.

I have been the "The Business" for 15 years now and I must say, I'm on call more than some doctors I know.  Never mind the absolute constant and unwarranted amount of drama each day surmounting to more than the medical, legal and construction industries combined, that one must endure whether they are in front of the camera or behind it.  EVERY LITTLE THING is the creation of the wheel or the end of the world.

Let's talk about the 12 - 15 hour days, nope, not curing cancer, rather making sure someone doesn't miss out on their Taco Bell audition or getting that last shot of Lady Gaga riding off into the sunset on Sunset ;)

It's my very humble opinion, but greed never rears its ugly head more than in the entertainment industry.  If  I were in charge of the world (ok, this country.....ok, Los Angeles, CA) I would make it mandatory that people take 3-day weekends, a minimum of 30 days off per calendar year, work a maximum of 7 hours per day, and all holidays + 1 day to recuperate.  Think of how motivated you are right before a vacation and how rested and revitalized you are when you return from a couple of weeks in the sunshine drinking pina coladas.  Also, don't you just want one more day each weekend?  2 days are not long enough to catch up on my laundry let alone take a weekend trip or even a stay-cation.  We as Americans take ourselves far too seriously and are far to greedy to ever adopt the 4-day work week or siesta like they do in Europe.  People take the entire Summer off in most countries!  Not here.  Some greedy jerk would look at as a get ahead opportunity!  We'll work SIX days a week and make more money than the other guys!

America! Let's enjoy living as well as working and take adequate time for our families and friends.  Life is short.  We only get one.  Who cares if you are able to pay the mortgage if you never get to go home??

I propose that this new year we slow down, stop worrying and enjoy our days on as well as our days off and here's to more of the latter!

Entertainment industry! Now hear this!  IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS!!!!! IT'S ENTERTAINMENT!!!

Happy new year!!

~ Kate

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