Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time Flys

Where does the time go?  Is it me or does EVERYONE say that these days?  Whether you are religious or not, one must ponder, does God or the universe have us on fast-forward?  Has he/she/it thrown up their hands in disgust saying "..... forget it.  Let's get on with this already..."?

I remember dying to be eight years old so I could play the recorder like my sister Andi in 4th grade.  I couldn't wait.  I thought eight would be the greatest year and it felt like an eternity to reach it.  Waiting, waiting, waiting.  Time ticking by so slowly.  Remember marking red X's on a calendar?  Waiting to check each day off.  What did it feel like to anticipate Christmas morning?  I can remember having butterflies, actual butterflies, when trying to go to sleep while dreaming of all of those presents that would magically appear in the living room by 5 or 6 AM.  These days the only thing even resembling that feeling is when I've had far too much coffee and have to catch a plane somewhere I actually want to go.  That's more anxiety than excitement though.

The other regrettable part of my existence lately is wishing each week for Friday, then clinging helplessly to Saturday, tick- tock, tick- tock....Sunday, oh no, overslept, it's already 10:30AM! This means I only have eight and a half hours until I should go to bed because I get up at 5:45AM on Monday.  I always end up going to bed after midnight just so that I can squeeze out a couple extra hours of my, oh so precious, weekend.  It's not that I dread work, I just dread having to do the same thing day after day and having to be somewhere, anywhere I don't want to be or being somewhere I didn't just randomly end up at.  I like having things to do, who doesn't?, but it's the having to do that's the bugger.  At any rate, I wish for Fridays all week, every week, and somehow end up 20 years later and haven't accomplished a thing or done much other than wait for Fridays.  Ugh.  I want the week to pass by quickly, but, at the same time, for time to stand still.  Quite the conundrum.

I try and will continue to try adopting the Buddhist philosophy of living in the moment.  I will try to enjoy each moment for whatever good I can find in it,  whatever fun I can derive from it.  I will not compare my life to others'.  I will appreciate waking up alive each morning.  I will appreciate little things like getting the giggles when I lie on my back, looking at the ocean, Rocco running and barking in his sleep, fresh sheets, SLEEP, coffee when I'm not drinking it to stay awake, and writing ;)

Ok World, slow down, please??

I hope you are enjoying your moment as we speak.

~ Kate

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  1. I'm giggling over Rocco running and barking in his sleep! That's adorable!!! I'm trying to live in the moment as well (one of my new year's resolutions) but I'm not usually successful. It's a work in progress. On that note, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!