Friday, August 12, 2011

Gym Towels

Is it the hard water?  The cheap detergent?  The multitudes of washes!?? My towel at the gym this morning literally felt like I was drying off with a brick.

I'm not complaining that they actually launder the towels.  The very thought of the thousand upon thousands of  towels used to dry the sweaty business ends of the multitudes of gym-goers makes me want to pull a Rod Tidwell and air dry, ugh, but if you read my blog you know my feelings on nakedness in the locker rooms.  Even when I opt to go home to shower I still use the towels on my FACE when I'm sweating, eiwww.  My face!!  Their bottoms!

With that visual I will bid you adieu!

Happy workouts and clean-ups :)

~ Kate


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