Friday, February 26, 2010

Horrible Night's Sleep

Why is it that I can be totally exhausted, drag through the day wishing for my comfy bed, barely keep my eyes open long enough to brush my teeth, pile into bed and they lay there with my eyes wide open for what seems like an eternity!?

There must be some medical explanation for this phenomenon. I can feel my eyes burning, my body at its breaking point and yet can stay up for hours watching late night TV or laying there in the dark feeling every inch of my sheets or every hair that's out of place on my head. I can hear my dog licking his imaginary balls. (Last night it sounded like he was eating mini corn!) Then I start to think of the eight million things I need to do the next day or the things I forgot to do the day before. Sometimes I even get out of bed and try to accomplish a thing or two, but actually feel too TIRED to do anything that requires the slightest physical exersion!

Then there's the worst kind of the worst night's sleep. The kind where you are so tired that you can't even remember what day it is or what time your alarm clock is set for, but you still can't sleep because all you can think about are red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles. You even contemplate calling to see if by some miracle Sprinkles is open at 1am on this particular night. Then you get up and start eating Wheat Thins or something equally as unsatisfying. Dry cereal, etc. I once got up and made macaroni and cheese!

There are even nights that you lay awake long enough to see the sunrise! No!!! This literally means you will have one or two, possibly three, hours to get any semblance of rest.

Now here's the part that totally perplexes me.....100% of the time, ABSOLUTELY without fail, when my alarm goes off, whether I've been asleep for two hours or 5 minutes, it's the most comfortable, cozy, dreamy, perfect state of sleep I've ever felt! Only to be abruptly and brutally jolted awake by some hideous, repetitive, electronic screeching. Ugh! Why????

Needless to say, I didn't get the best night's sleep last night. What happened to the days when I was 15 and could go to bed at 9:30pm and not even stir until 3pm the following day. Insomnia? What's that?

I guess I should end this rant considering last night's awful sleep was probably due to the fact that I got up at almost noon yesterday and only because my house phone rang. I would have slept all day I think.

Sweet dreams or productive sleepless nights!

Kate's Rant

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  1. The Sprinkles cravings are no joke. I get those often as well. Unfortunately, Sprinkles closes at 7pm. What's a girl to do??