Saturday, February 27, 2010

People Who Scream at the Gym

Why is it that the people who make the most noise at the gym are the ones who are lifting the least amount of weight? Do they think a dumbbell in their hand is like being handed a microphone and a captive audience? These are the usually the guys with 25lbs in their hands screaming like they are giving birth, or the girls in the front row of my yoga class who inevitably strip down to their mini sports bra and not-so-taught stomach and only come to yoga once a week.

Do these people crave attention? Are they just that comfortable? While I'm at it....why do guys insist on taking their shirts off at the gym?! Or wear totally inappropriate tight little shorts that leave very little to the imagination? It's not THAT hot! Hmmm. Am I jealous that I'm not that "free" and loose? No, I KNOW I'm better at yoga and most of the time can lift more weight, very quietly, I might add ;)

So, please keep your clothes on and take it down, just a notch. Happy, healthy workouts!!!

~ Kate's Rant

1 comment:

  1. HAHA!! Love this rant. This goes out to the guy in Meaghan's class who always wears the candy apple red "hot pants". It's just offensive.