Saturday, February 27, 2010

Too Much Ice In Fountain Drinks

When you order a fountain drink it's for the cool, icy, fresh snap of your favorite soda, however, you will usually get cup full of ice with enough liquid to trickle down into the negative space left over. Enough to fill one or two of your fillings. After about three good pulls with your straw, you're done. This may be a good thing. An attempt, perhaps, at keeping gluttonous Americans from wolfing down too much soda at any one sitting, but I think it's a rip-off. I order a drink that I could literally dock a jet ski in so that I will feel like I'm swimming in Coca Cola when I arrive at the watered down last few sips. If I wanted two or three sips, then I would just stick my head under the faucet or lick the condensation from my co-worker's Snapple bottle!

Next time you are at the movies or your favorite fast food restaurant, be sure to specify "easy on the ice" (mmm, unless it the elusive but wonderful rabbit poop ice they used to give you at Taco Bell, like the kind pictured below. Then, fill-er-up!) and if you get a refill watch closely that the sneaky soda jerk doesn't fill your cup with ice and basically pretends to fill it with your chosen beverage.

If you're a friend of mine, maybe the best option is just try and talk me down off of the fountain Coca Cola ledge. It would probably be a lot better for me! "I'm all hopped up on MOUNTAIN DEW!!!" (Texas Ranger Bobby, Talladega Nights)

~ Kate's Rant

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  1. I LOVE the rabbit poop ice! Where did it go???? I totally agree with the ice situation. I think it's a major problem around here. I'm also always paranoid that the soda guy is being spiteful and filling it up with regular coke instead of diet. Ha! I usually make Gabe taste it to confirm.