Thursday, February 25, 2010

Selfish Drivers

Selfishness of drivers....

I think this mostly applies to drivers in Los Angeles. The unfortunate part about that is Los Angeles is where I do the majority of my driving. Most Angelenos will tell you that they spend a better portion of their lives in their cars, so the traffic is a major variable in one's mental and physical well-being.

I think most of the traffic is caused by selfishness on the roads. They must be handing out drivers licenses at the airport. I've never experienced anything like it and, yes, I've driven in Manhattan. Seriously, is it more important that you arrive a half a fraction of a nano-second earlier than prevent my death?! Or that you refrain from accelerating to let me in?!? Surely it's less trouble to have me careen into a divider, median or parked car. Yet on a street such as Robertson Blvd., it's OK to drive 1.5 mph so as not to miss Jamie Lynn Sigler or Chloe Kardashian buying a scarf at Kitson! Come on! Do you have somewhere to be so urgently that you will totally disregard my brush with death or don't you!? It seems like it would be a no-brainer, but not in LA. How selfish are you? Do you not see my car or did I accidentally pull the invisible one out of the garage this morning? Does my turn signal mean please speed up and block me out so I'm sure to miss my exit? Either way, just think of the flow that would be possible if people actually acknowledged other cars, their blinkers, accelerated at green lights, stopped at red ones and drove like they actually had somewhere to be.

I'm talking to you selfish drivers!!!

Kate's Rant

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