Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Other People's Bass

Why does my neighbor think that his little two-bedroom apt should be a Night At The Roxbury EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?! What is it about other people's bass that gets under my skin until I am irritated to the point of homicide!?? It literally makes my head implode and explode like a cartoon peanut.

It's not just in apartment buildings. Do your windows ever shake and your latte bounce right out of your drink holder when you are driving down the street because the Honda with the spoiler, blacked out windows, low profile tires and rims that cost more than the entire car, has its bass so high that your fillings are rattling in your teeth? Yeah. What is that??? How can a human being without severe hearing loss even stand to be in that car!? Or in my neighbor's case, in that apartment?!

Does my bass sound like this to people outside of my vehicle? Does my tiny little iPod amp shake my neighbors' window's while I'm happily listening to my music at what I think is a reasonable octave?

Maybe he just doesn't know how to adjust it so that human beings can detect the music and carries on listening at such a deafening decibel. One may never know. :(

The only thing more annoying than my neighbor's loud bass is a complaining or tattling neighbor. That's another rant altogether.

I love music, so if he can transfer more than the pulsating annoyingness through the walls, maybe that would be a great solution, but the bass has got to go.

~ Kate

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  1. This is something that really gets under my skin too. I don't understand why people don't realize that everyone else in the world doesn't want to listen to their music!