Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's This About??

These dirty clothes are not more than an inch away from the laundry basket! (clothes hamper, but I hate the word "hamper". I don't know why.)

Can someone please explain the logic in this? Maybe he's a really bad shot? Maybe he's teetering on they're clean, NO, they're dirty! and just can't commit?

That's all. Not really rant-worthy, but definitely has me cocking my head to one side.

~ Kate


  1. That is TOTALLY rant-worthy! Why do boys do that??? I'll never understand.

  2. It's simple...why is there a lid on your "hamper'?? It's not a garbage can, it's not a crock pot, it's a basket for collecting clothes. Trust me, if basketball hoops had lids, it wouldn't be a very popular sport. Take off the lid for a week and then tell me if you feel like ranting.

  3. Good reasoning. I would find it a lot more fun myself, but I think it's a walking-over-to-and-removing-lid thing rather than missing the 3-point sock ball opportunity. There is a lid on it for obvious aesthetic reasons. No one wants to see a pile of dirty unmentionables. It's only polite!