Thursday, March 18, 2010

21 Reasons I Am Neurotic

It could be that I was brought up being spoken to in wise and wonderful cliches or maybe it's just my sincere, however naive, belief that if you wish hard enough, dreams do come true.

Whatever the origin, my friends and loved ones get a kick out of my superstitions. I have even been told I may have a real case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It may be a little of both, but here are a list of some off the top of my head. I hope you can either relate or at least get a good laugh at what a freak I am.

1. Never put your purse or handbag on the floor because the money comes out.
2. Never put said handbag on the table because only prostitutes put their purses on the table.
3. Lift your feet over railroad tracks or lose your boyfriend.
4. Hold your breath, touch a screw, and make a wish when driving through a tunnel.
5. Don't eat the very last bite of anything.
6. Don't eat anything in only one bite.
7. Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, etc.....
8. Making a wish when the clasp of my necklace is at the bottom.
9. Making as many wishes as you can when the clock says 11:11 until it's 11:12.
10. Don't walk under ladders.
11. I don't even notice that I do this anymore, but apparently I do....touch the roof when you go through a yellow traffic light
12. Don't split the pole when walking with someone and if you do, say "bread and butter".
13. Numbers have personalities and genders.
14. Don't cross your fingers on both hands or it cancels it out.
15. If your nose itches, you are going to kiss a fool.
16. If you spin an apple by its stem and say the ABC's at the same time, the letter you land on when the stem pulls out is the first letter of the name of the man you will marry.
17. If you tie the paper from a fountain drink straw in a knot and the knot pulls out when you pull on both ends, someone is thinking about you.
18. If your ear is ringing, run through random names and when it stops, the person's name you are on is talking about you.
19. Only eat the fortune cookie that is pointing at you.
20. Never let anyone pull a ring or bracelet off of your or you'll break up.
21. Always put money in a purse or wallet before giving it as a gift.

I have more, believe it or not!!

Let me know some of yours and keep believing! ~ Kate

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  1. I need to work on the handbag thing. And the eating things in one bit. I remember the apple one, we used to do that! And you totally do the yellow light thing. These are great!