Friday, April 2, 2010

Sex Addiction

Will someone give me a small break please!? Are we supposed to believe for even a nano-second that this is an actual affliction? A psychological disease?? I am not one to downplay the seriousness of mental health and psychological defect. There are very real, very serious and very scary REAL conditions. For that matter, Sex Addiction may actually be a real condition in SOME, but I find it awfully convenient that every single guy I know or hear of is suddenly in sex rehab when caught cheating.

Why isn't there a disease for "Over-Sleepers" or "Over-Eaters"?? Why are we all not checking into rehab when we are habitually late for work or after we've eaten too much See's Candy or gummy bears or an entire box of Cinnamon Life in one sitting?! There are, of course, very real conditions that could be to blame such as Narcolepsy or Bulimia or other eating disorders which can be debilitating, and sometimes, life threatening. I just don't hear people such as myself falling back on these awful diseases to excuse our own hedonistic behavior.

We all have urges, but we are NOT animals. I'm sorry. I am so sick of hearing that coming from men. They can't control themselves, it's their nature, they have testosterone, etc. Sure there have been studies and research proving that some human beings are more prone to cheat or have multiple partners. Men are shone to be more prone to craving different and multiple partners, but at the end of the day, we were all also given brains, emotions, consciences (I think). We all see that chocolate cake and want to rub it all over our faces or see that hot guy and want to jump on him on the subway, but then our BRAIN kicks in and we think of the CONSEQUENCES. We think of how we would feel if the shoe were on the other foot or how much we actually like our respective partners. How much we respect that person and think of how they would feel. We think of the fact that breaking a bakery window and eating an entire chocolate cake is illegal and also horrible for us. We don't rob banks because it would feel great to have all that money. We don't slap people on the street no matter how much they deserve it. We don't run people over with our cars no matter how tempting it can be when the are lallygagging across a sidewalk exercising their "pedestrian rights" when you are about to be T-boned on a busy street.

No more excuses! These men are not upstanding or courageous because they are facing the consequences of their actions or speaking/apologizing publicly, checking themselves into sex rehab. They simply got caught and are bailing themselves out on the path of least resistance and least money, women and sponsors lost. Sex addicts?! MY A _ _ !!

Think before you act. Even if your excuse is as simple as you get "too drunk" to even know what you are doing, don't get "too drunk". Just a thought.

To love, honor and cherish, forsaking all others, for better or worse, until death do you part.

~ Kate

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