Friday, April 9, 2010

The Remote War

I have avoided ranting about this subject because it seems to obligatory and a little obvious. BUT, I have literally come to a boiling point about the remote in my house. Granted, there are two TVs and a computer, but for some reason the only argument I EVER have with my boyfriend is about his use/misuse of the remote. We ALWAYS watch TV for whatever reason and we're always together (in the same room), so when I watch, sure, I watch some annoying, non man-friendly shows such as 16 And Pregnant, Oprah, etc, but nothing to the extent to which we watch Sports Center and the Food Network. NOT. A. FAN. I'm not saying that it's not fascinating to watch someone make an omelet out of tofu and cardboard or see if they can eat a burrito that weighs more than a newborn baby, but I kind of am saying that. I can only watch a football game (that we have just got finished watching the live version of for what seems like 7 to 8 hours) be dissected, replayed, commented on and basically micro analyzed to death OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again, so many times before I need to be committed on a 5150.

It's not even what he watches. I found that I was actually sucked in and became intrigued about the inner workings of a Cheetos factory (I'm a pretty big Cheetos fan, or anything with that fake powdered cheese,as I have previously mentioned), but then the millisecond I become interested he changes the channel!! Now I'm watching 3 angry, ex-athletes or sports reporters go at each other about Tiger Woods' infidelities or a PAC 10 basketball game score or a catch or a non-catch by some wide receiver in some random football game set to a totally annoying cell phone bing or ring or tone that has me jumping to my phone every five seconds. After a few minutes of this I'll actually become engrossed in this stupid banter and, yep, at that precise moment, guess what? He changes the channel. You think I'm kidding. I'm not even talking about someone who channel surfs during the commercials and then switches back, etc (almost as annoying), no, he will change the channel on some bizarre internal whim. On way more than one occasion he will change it right before a big reveal. We'll be watching something for ten minutes, become totally invested in who will be the winner or what you've been waiting for all season is.....BAM! channel change!! Unreal! I find myself starting to scream!! Are you crazy!? It's completely weird and irrelevant I realize, but in the moment it's maddening!

I have told myself over and over, "I am not going to make a problem out of something so silly, so trivial as watching television" or, in his case, watching like a skitzophrenic, but I can't help it. I just explode after the hundredth channel change. If he watches something I'm not interested in, fine, I'll read or write or clean or do something productive, but it's the A.D.D. TV that I can't take. In life in general, I try not to make TV even the slightest priority. I literally don't have any appointment TV shows that I won't miss.* I don't even care about anything on television. Once and a while I'd like catch a show I have booked or am going to be working on, but that's for business. Why is this such a problem!? Maybe I'm hormonal.

It's especially bad if I am trying to fall asleep and things are loudly being blown up, chopped up or some reality host saying "You won't believe what we're about to show you! Look at THIS!??" Who wouldn't want/HAVE to look?!

Maybe headphones and the internet will be the solution, hmmmm.

~ Kate

*That was a total lie. I will NOT miss the Tudors on Showtime starting April 11, 2010! Last season. I could die!!

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  1. So true. Men abuse the remote situation all the time. In our house, I'm the DVD Master and Gabe has lost all privilages.