Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have a severe affliction I like to call Candyoholism, or sometimes S.I.O. (sugar intake overload), and it's out of control!! Yes, the Milk Duds and Hot Tamales I am eating as we speak and the jelly beans were from today as well (and yeah, they're in my bed). It's not OK. The See's was yesterday and in one sitting! Help!

I just saw Dr. Oz on Larry King last night and he said some really horrifying things about sugar, especially my favorite kind, processed sugar. I love that he suggests a spoon full of honey for "your sweets fix", but not to "overdo it"... OVERDO IT?!? How does one "overdo it" on HONEY???!!!! Come on!!! Now I'm really panicked. If you can overdo it on honey, then what the heck is happening to my liver if I literally overdo it on every possible form of processed sugar quotidian!!!??

Tonight I tried to turn over a new leaf (and failed miserably) by eating everything in sight to avoid what I really wanted and that was candy. Then, I ate candy. DAMN!

If anyone has any sweet-tooth-junky kicking advice? Similar story to share? I've officially hit the candy crack equivalent, or so I've been told, because I like the crap candy, the cheap stuff. Smarties, Lemonheads, gummies, and Redvines....the gateway candies. Next it'll be Necco Wafers and Sixlets!!'s just so good once it hits your lips....

~ Kate


  1. As you know, this is also a major problem for me. What can we do about it? I've tried going cold turkey and I only last so long until I fall off the wagon again. What's a girl to do? I love the Frank the Tank reference! I just watched that clip on youtube and laughed out loud. There are just some things that never get old.

  2. I don't know, but why do I have this intense craving for cinnamon bears!!??