Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apartment Living

Why do people LOVE to complain? Let's talk for a minute about people who complain about noise. In my apartment building we had a Homeowners Board President and her buddy the building Manager who were both literally insane. They were the worst people in general (this building's homeowners' assoc is presently in a lawsuit with them) and made up the most ridiculous rules that only insight the lonely, sad, complainers who live in this building. For instance, one of the rules regarding noise was that if you heard noise (not specified to be excessive or too loud, etc) to call the front desk and if the noise did not subside after FIVE MINUTES to call the police to respond to the noise complaint!!! Can you believe!?! Like that's good advise. I'm sure the cops have nothing better to do. Great so, if I'm ever getting murdered, the cops will not show up because they have already responded to 150 noise complaints in this building that are completely unwarranted.

To the complainers with absolutely nothing better to do, I say this....(especially pertaining to my building right off of Sunset Blvd in the heart of Hollywood and directly across the street from a popular hotel famous for rock stars and celebrities and its very popular bar) If you want quiet, move to the country! Get yourself a house!!! You live in a building!!! You share walls, hallways, elevators, etc!!! Stop complaining because you can hear someone wearing shoes in their own HOME!!! Stop calling the front desk every five seconds because my sister came to visit and her dog wasn't on a leash as she was getting into her car!!! GET A LIFE!!! Please?

The old Homeowners Assoc President actually lobbied the city to get the Whiskey Bar, a staple in A-List Hollywood history, shut down. She claimed it was because of noise (a noise I never once heard in over 5 years), but it was actually because she couldn't get in. Ugh.

People, please get a job, buy some friends and stop complaining at 2pm on a Tuesday that you can hear a dog barking. Leave the house once and a while and stop sweating the small stuff.

Thanks!! ~ Kate


  1. Wow, Cameron has an amazing body. Your neighbors have too much time on their hands! You're so right, if they want peace and quiet, move to the valley.

  2. What a random pic, hey? They were walking out of the Whiskey Bar, but didn't mean for it to be the opening picture!!