Thursday, April 1, 2010

The C&E Crowd

I went to church last week on Palm Sunday. I arrived 15 minutes early and actually got a seat inside of the church and everything!! Granted, it was Palm Sunday and not Christmas or Easter, but still, I had to arrive early, found some scarce parking and barely got a seat. Not to mention communion took FOREVER. I literally did an Irish peace-out after it was my turn. I never do that, or try not to.

I've decided not to go to go to Mass this Easter Sunday. I have decided that since I go every week (almost every week), God will just have to live without me on Easter. I feel awful saying that, but it really isn't even church if you go with the Christmas/Easter crowd. You literally have to go over an hour early, park a mile away and stand up the whole time. I find I'm really not even listening and haven't we all heard the Easter gospel about a million times?! My non-Catholic friends can recite it for crying out loud.

I hate to sum it up with been there, done that, although fitting. I think it's just that in my old age I like to go against the flow. Not to be edgy or political, but just's where I sound like one of my grandparents......avoid the crowds. Eeek. I just said that.

What is it about the C&E's? Did they read somewhere in Emily Post or Vanity Fair that it's the PC thing to do on these given holidays? Do they really feel the religious pull just these two days and only these two days out of the year?

I guess when you are looking for something to do for the holidays and that's your tradition, who am I to judge? I'll just stay home and do my best to go the rest of the year. To each their own.

Happy Holidays!!

~ Kate

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  1. I think I was born an 80 year old woman because I've always been against the "crowds", so I'm with you on that. I'll avoid them at all costs. It was great to actually have a seat last week!